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Buffer Repair


We Repair Floor Buffers

We are a leading provider of floor buffer repair in the Upper Midwest. We maintain a large inventory of parts and can come to your location to address your needs. Our experienced team works with different types of buffers and burnishers:

Propane Machines:
We have extensive experience working with propane machines. We have a large inventory of parts and can typically complete service in 1-2 days. We are a warranty station for Kawasaki engine repairs but also work on all types of engines including Honda, Briggs and Stratton, etc.

Battery-Operated Burnishers:
We service all different makes and models of battery-operated burnishers. We also understand the challenges these machines may create and have designed preventative maintenance programs designed to prolong battery and equipment life.

Corded Electric Floor Machines
We are comfortable and experienced working with nearly any brand of corded electric floor machines.

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