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maintain_refillmaintain_water_levelJanitorial equipment repair can be costly. And, replacing damaged equipment is much more expensive. There are a number of pro-active maintenance steps you can take to avoid costly repair and replacement and prolong the life of your equipment. Read the tips below to learn more.

PRO TIP: Check and Maintain Scrubber Battery’s Water Levels
Batteries are one of the more expensive maintenance items on floor scrubbers. Frequent monitoring of water levels within your batteries will ensure the longest possible battery-life and will allow your machine(s) to operate at peak efficiency. If battery water levels are not maintained it could lead to premature battery replacement. To check fluid levels, be sure the machine is off and you are not charging. Remove the caps and check the water level in every cell. Water should be visibly touching the bottom of the opening. Fill low cells to suggested levels using a funnel and distilled water.

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