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Preventative Maintenance Programs

cleaning-equipment-maintenancePreventative Maintenance (PM) Programs
Without proper care and maintenance, cleaning equipment will break down more frequently. Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs are the best way to manage your equipment. Ideal designs PM programs to match client needs, control cost, and maximize up-time. For help in designing a PM program to meet your specific needs, contact us here and we’ll be in touch soon.

“Fee and Parts” Model
We work with clients to define the number of visits per year and what specific items we check out while on-site (battery fluids, squeegee blades, gaskets, etc.). Then, we check in with clients before completing any repairs.

“Handle it All” Model
We define a flat fee per client location and agree to automatically repair certain wear items when we encounter them (major repairs are still called in). This popular choice allows clients to budget the same fee for each location and know that everything but major repairs are covered for that one fee.

Let Us Design Something Custom for You
No matter what your need is, we can work with you to develop the exact plan to meet your maintenance needs. Contact us today to learn more about our custom programs.


Need a Maintenance Program?