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Ideal Equipment Solutions

We Repair, Maintain, Sell, and Purchase Cleaning Equipment

New and Refurbished Equipment

Ideal Equipment Solutions is an authorized dealer for many of the leading brands of cleaning equipment. We also repair all brands and types of equipment and maintain a large parts inventory. This allows us to refurbish used equipment and offer nice alternatives for budget-conscious clients. We are the ideal equipment solution for all your commercial cleaning needs.

We Repair All Types of Cleaning Equipment

We have built a strong reputation for providing quality and timely cleaning equipment repair services to clients and contractors of all sizes. We work on many different brands and types of machines

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Programs
Without proper care and maintenance, cleaning equipment will break down more frequently. Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs are the best way to manage a fleet of equipment. Ideal designs PM programs to match client needs, control cost, and maximize up-time. Contact us for help in designing a PM program to meet your specific needs.

Cleaning Equipment Parts
We are one of the largest suppliers of cleaning equipment parts in the Upper Midwest. We stock parts for nearly any need — from squeegee knobs to pad motors. We are not manufacturer-specific and maintain parts for all major makes and models of equipment.

If you have used equipment that is still in good working order, we are always in the market to buy equipment. Contact us here and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly to discuss your equipment and see about next steps. If your equipment is not in working order — or may be past its usable life — we also provide equipment disposal services.

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