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Floor Scrubber Repair

We Repair Floor Scrubbers

We are a leading provider of floor scrubber repair in the Upper Midwest. We maintain a large inventory of parts and can come to your location to address your needs. Our experienced team of professionals can work with different types of scrubbers:

Propelled Units:
These machines often have many different electronic components. Repairs may involve work on Computer Boards, Transaxles, Pad Motors, etc.

Pad Assist Units:
Users have to push these machines and the pad actually helps propel the machine. These machines don’t have as many electrical components and repairs tend to be more mechanical in nature.

We Service Nearly Any Brand:
We are comfortable and experienced working with nearly any brand and are a warranty station for many. We routinely work on Clarke, Advance, Pioneer Eclipse, Tennant, Viper, Minuteman, Karcher, and more.

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